Liferay Workflow 1 : Introduction

In this article I’ll explain about Worfklow in Liferay. In this part we will learn how to use workflow using Activiti Business Process Management in Liferay. Before this, I would like to introduce the environment which I used.

- Liferay Portal 6.2 CE ga3 bundle Tomcat


- Activity Core (Engine) : This will help us to apply workflow on any Business Process. (download here)

- Activity Explorer : This is drag and drop UI Workflow Designer. (download here)

Point 1 : About Kaleo and Activity

as default Kaleo has installed in Liferay bundling, Kaleo is also great to perform workflow business process management in liferay, but the main problem is Kaleo workflow designer doesn’t free. To check Kaleo is enabled in your liferay system you can login as superadmin then go to Admin -> Control Panel.


Figure 1.1 Kaleo is installed as default workflow

In this tutorial we will used Activiti Workflow, so uninstall Kaleo first. You can recheck Control Panel page to ensure Kaleo has successfully uninstalled in your Liferay System (Configuration -> Workflow will be disappear). Okay it’s time to installing Activity Workflow Engine & Activity Explorer. You can deploy activiti-web- and activiti-explorer.war by place the war file into auto deploy directory (I assume you’ve basic knowledge about Liferay, so I don’t need to describe what is auto deploy directory in liferay). If deployment was successfully, you can go to Admin -> Control Panel (again) and see Configuration -> Workflow will appear (again).

Point 2 : Using Workflow 

Download sample workflow here , I will explain how to create workflow process with activity explorer in next post (Insya Allah). After download sample workflow file, please upload workflow definition by go to Admin -> Control Panel -> Configuration -> Workflow -> Upload Definition. 


Figure 1.2 Upload Workflow Definition

Fill up title and browse the xml workflow definition then click Save Button


Figure 1.3 Fill Up Title and Browse file 

Your process definition will display in table grid


Figure 1.4 Workflow Definition has uploaded

Switch to Default Configuration tab and assign process definition to resources of your choice (Blog Entry for sample) and click Save button.


Figure 1.5 Assign Workflow to Resource (Portlet)

Point 3 : Trying Workflow Process 

The last point in this post we will try to Add a Blog Entry and then we will see how the workflow is worked.

Add new blog post


Figure 1.6 Add New Blog Post

Fill up form Blog and click Submit for Publication


Figure 1.7 Fill Up Blog Post

Go to My Account ( Your Account Name at dockbar -> My Account) -> My Workflow Tasks 


Figure 1.8 My Workflow Tasks

Click Action -> Assign to Me and fill up comment and click OK


Figure 1.9 Assign to Me

Task will move to Assign to Me, Click Action -> Approve 


Figure 1.10 Approve Content

Give Comment


Figure 1.11 Give Comment 

Sign Out and goto Blog Page, Content has published


Figure 1.12 Content has Published

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