Setup Liferay IDE

Okay guys, this is the third post about Setup Liferay and I hope you’ve successfully installing liferay and create your first custom portlet without liferay IDE. Now I will guide you to setup Liferay IDE. 

1. Download Liferay IDE in here

2. After downloaded, create new workspace to Liferay Home Directory (eg : D:\liferayRnd).


3. Go to menu Window – Preferences – Liferay – Installed Plugin SDK


4. Click Add and browse plugins to directory D:\liferayRnd\plugins

5. Create Liferay Runtime Environment, Window – Preferences – Server – Runtime Environment. Click Add and pointing to D:\liferayRnd\bundles\tomcat-7.0.42 directory.


6. You can start your liferay through IDE by click Start at the Servers Window.


Creating New Custom Portlet with IDE 

1. Click File – New – Other. Choose Liferay – Liferay Plugin Project


2. Click Next and fill up some information


3. Click Next,  as default Liferay is using Liferay MVC Framework but you can also using JSF 2 and Vaadin Framework


4. Click Finish, and custom portlet is ready to developed

5. To add a custom portlet in a portal you can right click on your tomcat server then choose Add and Remove, choose the custom portlet which you want to add and click Add – Finish


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