Everyday is a Wonderful Day

Get up in the early morning, take a shower and do Dawn Prayer. These are the three activities that I have to do every day, then after that I will bring my mom to her pick up the bus and prepare myself to go to the office. And I guess you know the story, the moment I come to the office I will sit down at the desk, booting up my notebook and start to work. Until lunchtime is coming I go to the masjid before getting lunch and then at 1:00 PM the break time is over. So I will continue my work up to 17:30 PM. 

In 10 minutes before leaving the office I should prepare myself to go to the campus. Yap … this is my new routine activity. I go to the campus by ‘Ojek Online’ if you don’t know what is it, Ojek Online is actually common transportation in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Ojek is a kind of transportation which uses a motorcycle as their vehicle, and they can pick up and send us to the particular destination that we want to reach.  While Ojek Online is referring to an Ojek services which make online application as a tool to use their services.

Map Kota Kasablanka ke Kampus Gunadarma Salemba

Map Kota Kasablanka ke Kampus Gunadarma Salemba

I need around 15 minutes up to 20 minutes from Kota Kasablanka to reach my campus in Salemba. And you know what, when I say ‘Salemba’ most of the people will think that I am pursuing master degree in University of Indonesia. Haha .. Salemba is not always UI, I am actually studying at Gunadarma University. Gunadarma is a place where I had graduated from Diploma degree in 7 years ago. And today I come back to be a student in this world-class University, so I can say proud to be a Gundarian.

Well … the class commonly is being started after Maghrib Prayer which is 18:30 PM and usually will be ended around 21:00 PM. After finish the class I leave the campus and go to Manggarai Station, it will take around 10 minutes to reach that Station from Salemba. Waiting for the train comes will take around 10 or 15 minutes it depends on how the rail traffic. So I can do something else such as reading a book or reciting Holy Quran instead of wasting time with social media. Usually trip from Manggarai to Bekasi will take around 30 up to 40 minutes. Once arrived at Bekasi Station I will continue my trip by riding my own motorcycle. It will take around 15 minutes to reach my home sweet home from the Station.

And for the weekend I spend my time with my family since I have one nephew and niece so I would spend my time with them. And also one thing that I must do, that is washing my own clothes. Anyway, that is my short story about my activities, for me Everyday is a Wonderful Day.

 Source Image: https://kereta-api.info

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