Setup Liferay Plugins and create your first Custom Portlet

After you’ve successfully installed Liferay in your local PC, now it’s time for you to setup Liferay Plugins and create your first custom portlet (without Lifreay IDE).Okay this is step by step to setup liferay plugins.

1. Please ensure that Apache Ant has installed in your PC, it’s very simple to installing Apache Ant in your PC. you just need to download it, extract in the particular directory, then create new Environment Variable (ANT_HOME) and pointing to the directory which you’ve extracted. To make sure apache ant has installed in your pc, go to command prompt and type command ant -version.

2. Download the Liferay Plugins SDK from here, and extract to D:\liferayRnd\plugins please read my previous post for detail explanation.


3. Open your command prompt and go to directory D:\liferayRnd\plugins\portlets type create hello-world “Hello World” to create your first custom Portlet.


 Note : for the first time while you create custom portlet, liferay plugins is using apache ivy to download all lib dependencies. so this is may take some minutes (depends your internet connection), so please ensure that you have internet connection

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